Thursday, June 4, 2015

Popping up

My oldest kid recently asked what causes the jet stream. I posited that the rotation of the earth had something to do with it but couldn't throw any hard facts out. We experience the jet stream as an obvious force as we watch storm clouds going past us west to east. Here is a page from the NOAA National Weather Service that has great explanations and diagrams. Turns out that the rotation of the earth is involved although that force interacts with the air flow between the warm equator and the cold poles.

Tired of rain. Wish I could get the back mowed.

Bunny eyes open on the tenth day which is today or tomorrow I think. I hope to see the littles out and about in another ten days.

Neighborhood bakery is opening for beta testing this Fri and Sat. Nod says this development could keep him in town for a few more years.

Kat has busy schedule, went to sleepover last night. We insisted it be delayed until grandma left. She will catch a ride home with another sleepover-er. Host parents are a pastor and a middle school teacher. This is the teacher who dyed Kat's hair red and orange for her phoenix performance. Which was masterful by the way. It was fluid and assured and more complicated than December's. We were all really impressed down here.

The moonflower in the front has opened its first bloom. I've been pulling up moonflower sprouts from last year's seeds. There are three big plants in front and that is enough. Our cilantro is ready for picking and the thyme is doing okay.

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