Monday, June 29, 2015

Sand and surf

Was waiting for picture downloads but that's not the way to run a railroad. First beach outing at Atlantic Beach. There were rollers and dophins and it was so delightful. Went in the salt water almost every day. Wildlife of wonderful variety: fish, wild horses, pelicans, crabs (ghost, fiddler, hermit, horseshoe), shore birds, sea turtles! Our friends in Chapel Hill were generous with time and directions and recommendations too. I had the ne plus ultra of biscuits and gravy on our last morning at the shore. I don't think I will ever need to eat that again, going out on a high note.

Went out on Friday evening for local arts festival plus final Friday gallery crawl. My side of town was out and there was art and music and sno cones for all. Local efforts to create an "art corridor" are stirring up resistance to gentrification. I think I'm on the side of putting money into the arts. I understand that benign neglect can be a wonderful thing for art. Creating a balance of real estate conditions sounds impossible. We're on an upswing for now. I did like the Trojan horse poster design and snappy lawn signs.

In addition the whole town seemed to be in a happy whirl over Same Sex Marriage decision. I did see one evangelical church sign with sour grapes yesterday but it was a happy rainbow weekend for the rest of us.

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