Monday, July 6, 2015

Extended weekending

I took Nod out for pity coffee on Friday morning in the rain. He had to work and I didn't, thus the pity. It cleared after the wet gray morning and he got done by a reasonable hour so the day ended well. Nod recently had a doctor's exam for an unrelated matter which discovered a small hernia. He's been walking around like a cat with its fur fluffed up. I think it's touched a mortality nerve. Can't blame him. He's going to schedule a consultation and find out if surgery comes sooner or later.

Fam all played pictionary on Friday night and it was a hoot. We use our Apples to Apples cards for prompts and everyone is allowed to reject a card if it's too abstract. Nod's cross-section drawing of the hallway beneath an attic with pulldown ladder and boxes, etc. was fascinating but utterly unguessable. Fire escape? Battleship? City skyline?

Went to see Inside Out with Bun on the 4th. The other half of the family couldn't be tempted. We had a good time with our outing but I am still trying to decide how to describe the movie. Good but not exactly Fun is what I'm coming to. It was thought provoking and touching but not quite the sno-cone I was hoping for. Which is fine. It's the family movie that earnest Berkeley parents will love. Favorite bits: Bing Bong's cotton candy torso and the marble sound effects for the memories.

Fireworks watching on the levee was fabulous. Our friends were in the designated spot first and we all sat just beyond the CAUTION tape. Luxury conditions: it wasn't too hot and we had enough bug repellent. Camellia introduced us all to the fireworks name game in which you think of poetic and silly names for each color/shape combo. Cherry Snowball was my contribution. Nod brought 80 glow sticks and between the seven of us we used most of them to general delight. After the show Gen and Molly strung all the leftovers onto Camellia's bicycle so she was more colorful and visible. I may need to buy her a bike light. The finale was super amazing and I was commenting about how the fireworks crew has gotten better and better at their job during my eleven years in this town. Then two more shells went up, bang, pow. Guess they missed them earlier and didn't want any leftovers. Continuous improvement!

He and I got out to the skinny dip pond yesterday afternoon. It was sunny and still a bit cool in the water. You can tell that we haven't had any triple digit highs yet. Too many kids and two too many dogs for my preference. Not a peak experience. Am I getting jaded? Rescuing a beach ball from the cattails was my favorite bit.

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