Tuesday, July 28, 2015

For the birds

Birding moments in DC: watching an osprey dive into the Potomac. Didn't come up with anything but I got to watch the bird fly and shake the water off its feathers simultaneously. I haven't ever seen that trick before. I read later that sometimes bald eagles in the area rob ospreys of their fish. Also saw some ravens at a distance. I'm glad to know there are ravens in our nation's capital.

Birding moment at home: green hummingbird checking out the rose of sharon bush. Rejected. Wish we had a trumpet vine for them.

The ugly plants in the front have large collections of tiny pale pink/purple flowers that the bumble bees and butterflies like. I'm glad I didn't pull them up by the roots in the spring. I removed a bunch of burr weeds and cut down a lot of goldenrod in the back. It looks much better and less sneezy back there. Mowing the back yard on Saturday and the front yard on Sunday knocked me out. Would like to build up the stamina again. Five days in a hotel made me want to exercise but heat advisory temps make me want to not. It's supposed to break tonight.

That reminds me that yoga is tonight. Everything happens on Tuesday: music lessons for both girls this morning. An intro lesson from the voice teacher for Bun at noon thirty. A tryout circus class for Bun this evening, Kat's circus lesson. Yoga. Kaboom.

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