Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Garden plot

Beets! I cooked a pound and a half of them last night. They were from our farm share from about a month ago. They had been sitting in a ziplock in the fridge so long Nod asked if he could throw them out. I said no. Hell, they're roots, they ought to last a good long time. So glad to have them cooked, they smelled wonderful in the pan and tasted great. I think a few were actually salad turnips but they boiled just fine with the beets. I am the only beet eater in the family. Kat told me that I am a fan of the less common vegetables. There are still unknown frontiers in my future: cardoons, celeriac, fennel, etc.

Thank goodness for roots. I had to do a general purge of veg things that were squishy last weekend. I haven't yet been out to the garden to see if we have any small whales of yellow squash lurking  I have potatoes and a couple of farm zukes so I will need to make potato/veggie fritters. The recipe is in my favorite pancake class of foods.

I made banana pancakes to use the swarthy bananas. I modified this recipe to use more banana and less egg. But here's a paleo no flour option that I might try to use up the 1.5 bananas in my freezer. Nod eats banana bread and banana muffins but discovered that banana pancakes were just too banana-y for him. The girls and I took care of them.

Our corn patch is past its prime. I tried a just-picked ear but the kernels were big and starchy. Then I tried an ear that Nod had picked while I was out of town. Same story, sigh. Such deliciousness for a such a brief time. On a hopeful note, there are cherry tomatoes coming in. Need to go whisper encouraging things to them.

Work has many things to do. I am remembering my mantra: Don't take it personally. Have submitted my travel receipts. Have scrounged up the contact info I forgot to get while at the conference. Have had a first meeting to share out the work of testing on an upcoming Sunday morning. Am looking at job openings again just to keep it in mind. A friend found a job with a start up recently and it does make one think.


Joolie said...

I love vegetable gardening but am thinking very hard this year about what yields enough to be worth watering all summer. Cherry tomatoes will always make the list.

Nimble said...

What's better than a fresh tomato? Very little.
Hey I was getting a 'this site is not available' frowny message for But I just added the www at the beginning of the url and that seems to have fixed things. Probably my goof but in case you get inquiries, tell 'em to www.