Wednesday, July 1, 2015


New way of working has been proposed for our team. It involves using calendar and notes software to track projects and tasks. My subconscious finds it very threatening judging from the time I spent crying in the restroom yesterday. I also was crying about not getting the youngest to her softball game on time. Not sure if that was just because the pump was primed or if my amygdala considers it of equal weight.

Instead of feeling broken and like I'm doing something wrong at work I decided to try and imagine my dream job. It includes a hefty amount of reading. Some puzzle solving must be present, in the form of customer service is fine. A workplace with some bustle is preferred, not too quiet. Pleasant routines plus 40% variable would be ideal. Include some proof reading and writing for internal consumption. Working for a group with broadly altruistic aims is best.

Quick glance at local offerings does not give me reason to work up the resume. Yet.

The softball game was execrable and our kids couldn't pick up a grounder to save their lives. Went home and got out the sun lamp so I could check heads. Headlice confirmed last Friday night. One nit found on each kid last night. I'll keep at it daily and we should be able to get past this itchy unpleasantness.

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