Thursday, July 2, 2015

Righting the boat

Bobbing up and back on a more even keel. There was no bathroom crying yesterday. I made the decision not to make any progress with my tasks tracking updates. And I am not feeling the same existential dread. As with most things in the workplace, it's not personal.

Glad we bought that batting helmet. I found more nits in Bun's hair yesterday.  May do the olive oil treatment tomorrow. As with other caretaking chores, it's like having a time-consuming hobby that isn't very fun. I have to admit that my primate grooming drive is satisfied when I get through. But I would feel more satisfied all 'round if I found fewer bugs rather than more. Grrrrrr. No sleepovers this week.

The girls are chicken sitting for the neighbors who are gone to NC sandhills for a week. I'm going to give the chicks our terrible watermelon and buy a new one. Please, o watermelon god, direct me to a good dense sweet one. Gotta have it for 7/4. I wonder what offering would propitiate a melon god...

We'll be on the levee to watch the city fireworks show on Saturday.

Bun's sunflower that she started from seed in elementary school Garden Club is blooming. Hello, summer. Nod and I may try to go skinnydipping this weekend.

Just realized that a French translation of Spontaneous Tomato is La tomate spontan√©. This is making me smile.

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