Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Morning thunderstorm, the sky was getting darker as I was driving to work. On Monday Kat played softball and we expected to roast. We had a heat advisory, hot and humid, but enormous clouds were drifting around as well. Play was stopped due to lightning, then restarted in light rain, then called off when the storm line continued right over the field. Bun's last game is tonight and then Freedom! from softball schedules at least.

Conference next week in DC which will be a refreshing shot of hot and humid. I am slightly disappointed that we are in a luxury resort down the river away from Capitol Hill and museums and touristy stuff. We may be able to get over to Alexandria and kick up our heels if we have time. Otherwise I'll just have to put up with the luxury.

Quite tired of discussions with my spouse and parent about whether Kat will go to ABQ this summer. As part of the long list of alternatives we thought about sending both girls. But Bun says she doesn't want to travel without parents so she's out of the picture. Both spouse and parent want me to explain the other's reasoning to them. I can't do that.

Kat will perform with her circus school at the renaissance fest this fall. Four weekends, we don't have to drive her, we get family passes for one weekend. I wonder what else will be going on in Sept and Oct that will conflict that I can't foresee right now. ABQ Balloon Fiesta is one.

Wonder when I'll be able to get the front mowed. Would my softball nickname be Sensible Shoes? I do still like to play sometimes, not just mow the lawn and cook vegetables. Had a great afternoon at the Tonganoxie city pool. Threw the pool football with the girls until my arm hurt. Somehow I am very brown, tanner than Kat.

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