Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Charge and Depletion

Are we excited about the first day of school? Yes we are! Are we already tired? Yes we are! Middle school is where my kiddos are at, starting in fifteen minutes when the 8th graders are welcomes for their delayed start. Nod was bombasting last night about what a waste of everyone's time this teeny short first day was. I asked him if he remembered what the first day of middle school was like. There is a lot of random motion and getting lost and being confused in my memory. I have no problem with a first day for learning the ropes and then on to teaching and learning. Wonder about that 6th grade chorus I heard rumors of...

Very low temps here today (low 70s) and tonight (low 50s) for August. It'll bob back up for the rest of the week but this is what I expect a month from now.

Books and tea happened on Sunday! I had four ladies which with me makes 5 which is definitely a quorum. I am planning to write up my notes and send out a follow up email with our various recommendations. Camellia suggested a couple of possible alterna-book-group ideas. 1) Second Hand Book Group. Everyone brings something they enjoyed reading and we all pass to the right. The new reader reports back at the next meeting. 2) Theme Reading. Pick a genre, location or theme and everyone picks a book and reads it, then we all tell what we read and how it fits the theme at next meeting. Definitely deserves some thought. I like that one very much and it uses how we've been meeting, talking about what we're reading and what we want to read. My stress about planning this and what if no one comes has been proved wrong.

Finished Un Lun Dun by China Mieville, recommended by Arik. I thought it was a bit forced. Thought the insistence on the Unchosen One was too much and the Extreme Shopping joke was actually made unfunny by repetition. I am basically confirmed in my belief that CM is not for me but I suppose I should try The City and The City to be sure.

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