Friday, August 28, 2015

Nine days later

Blinking slowly but glad to be here. We've had my busiest two weeks at work, the girls' start of school, one virus, one bout of unmentionable and we're still standing!

All kids in school today. Three of the four of us have been treated for the unmentionable. Kat is over her fever and stomach ache. She'll get her dose tomorrow.

I mostly enjoyed the avalanche that is our start to the semester work pile. My wrists got tired from all the mousing and typing. I was so glad to go swimming last weekend. Great to get a complete rest for my hands and wrists. Still sorting through some first weeks issues but it seems that the calls and emails are calming down.

Swimming was at the nekkid lake with two women friends that Nod dances with on Sundays. I hadn't met Ari but she was just as good an egg as advertised. We all had a good time in the warm sun and cool water. Nod was telling me about his time at metaphysical dance last week. It is more of his radical self acceptance work. I am so proud of him that he can unpeel old layers of shame and hurt and let go of some of that. Gen told us about the dance for universal peace events that she goes to once a month. I agreed with Nod that from the name they sound oppressively sincere. But the description sounds pleasant, more moving meditation. I like dancing, I have put it on my calendar to think about.

Whoa, cool! moment of the week:  invention that pulls carbon from the air and makes nano fibers.

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