Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I carried my umbrella hopefully all day yesterday and finally the rain started before I left work.

Yoga in the rain yesterday evening. Not outside in the rain but inside the great room with rain softly ticking on the skylights. Ahh. It was a session of gentle yoga and made me happy. I didn't have to feel competitive or overworked. I quit one position when my hands started to fall asleep. Otherwise I enjoyed the breathing and the succulent mottoes attributed to our chakras. I am the center of beauty. I am a fantastic hotbed of creativity and pleasure. I appreciated when our instructor let us fill in the blank silently for what the crown chakra says. Mine said I shine. and Release is my gift. I had just been thinking the day before that it would be good to wake up my muscles with some sort of pre-exercise.  

Reading Susan Cooper's King of Shadows. I can't remember if I've read The Dark is Rising series or not. Clearly I ought to. I don't like the paperback's cover art. I think this will get me through the week and then I'd like to be served some more compelling fiction. Don't be shy, bring it right here. 

We went to a friend's house last Friday and picked over her many bins of books that she was selling at the next day's garage sale. We came home with a small bin ourselves. Paper paper paper joy. I told her my dad's trick for selling books at a garage sale. You make a stack of 3 or 4 paperbacks with the most salacious one on the top and rubber band them together. $0.50 a stack and they move pretty well. 

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