Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Warp and weft

Oldest child sent via Southwest's hands-off care to grandma in ABQ. She assisted Granny in getting an iphone yesterday and I got some texts later so progress is being made. I know my mother is not liking the smart phone learning curve but K is a good coach, if a little impatient. K will have a private aerial silks lesson at the local circus school today. I look forward to hearing about it tonight.

MIL went to a wedding in north Texas and asked if we'd mind if she just kept driving to our door. She's setting off again today. I asked if she wanted to stay another day and was brushed off. She took Bun out for a whirlwind day yesterday. Shopping and lunch and Shaun the Sheep. I'd heard the movie was getting good reviews and knew Bun wanted to see it. Sorta forgot that Elaine is functionally deaf and movies are hard for her without closed captioning. Except that this movie has no dialogue! So they both enjoyed it. E was saying it reminded her of Wales.

Two weeks ago we had rain overnight (lots of that this summer). The next morning I left for work at the usual time. Half an hour later my husband texted me a photo of our old car, parked on the street and suddenly surrounded by a tree. It had split and fallen around our old Subaru. Nod gave the neighbor the key since he was waiting for the city crew to clear tree out of the street. Later we looked at the damage which was relatively minor: cracked car top carrier and dents on the roof. That combined with the presence of a shiny Mercury Mariner on a used car lot got Nod in gear. He shopped for loan rates, got a loan lined up and traded that poor tapped-out old Suby in for our new friend, Seattle.

Early this past Saturday morning we heard backing beeps and eventually there were three work vans for a satellite tv provider. They put up a post and now we have an addition to the north view from our house. Pfft.

A full day of housework on Sunday to make all ready for MIL's arrival. I wanted to feel a glow of satisfaction as I looked around at the great improvements that had been made. But all I felt was resentment. Dammit! Why can't I enjoy any large scale picking up and cleaning?! Maybe I need to train myself very consciously with treats. Grrrrr.

Kat gets in at 2 on Saturday. It'll be good to collect her. School starts a week from tomorrow.

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