Thursday, September 10, 2015


Coffin lid? seldom opened door? my joints?

I felt creaky on Tuesday morning after the holiday and it took some time to get back into the swing. The long weekend held good family outings and good houseworky accomplishments. The rain that arrived Monday was unwelcome. Nod and I got up and pouted and sulked. After the sulking got old I did some of those admirable chores. Then I went with to keep him company while he moved equipment and tools out of the old van into the shiny new van. This turned out to be more like moving house than either of us expected. After an hour or so he sent me home.

All of us dragged through the day. We did get a great thunderstorm Monday night with flashing lightning and boom-cracking peals of thunder that settled down just in time for us to go to sleep. But it continued so gray and humid and oppressive Tues. I moaned and longed for a high pressure system.

Which arrived on Wednesday for my day off! Spouse had a medical procedure first thing. It was under general anesthetic and I was a bit worried because of how white and weak he'd been after the last colonoscopy. But this was quick, no anatomical irregularities found. He was sleepy but his color was good and he was cranky which seemed like a healthy response. Went for a big breakfast since he'd been fasting. Later he soaked in a warm bath while I took the dog around the butterfly garden in the park and enjoyed the day. I got the back mowed, finished a book, watched two Longmire eps, took the girls for smoothies and visited a thrift store. Good day.

Found a sky blue silk robe at the SalvArmy store. It's missing a belt but feels lovely and doesn't look worn at all. Looked up how to wash silk. The fabric has chrysanthemums or some equivalent floral pattern woven into it. If it looked a bit sturdier I would throw it in a mesh bag and use the machine on delicate. But handwashing it is!

Still looking for a way to hang my ceramic moon circle (frame? fabric?) and a narrow bookshelf for music books and sheet music next to the 'piano'. Oldest kid has said she's decided piano is her thing rather than the drum kit in the basement. It's true that she often sits down and works on a tough piece (still Clair de Lune, swoon) or runs through something she knows through and through. No complaints here. Shortstuff was playing her trombone for me last night and I was videoing and giggling.


Zhoen said...

September should be cool and rainy, or cool and dry, but not warm and muggy. That's just wrong.

I really like the Longmire books.

Nimble said...

I do too. The tv series appeals to me with pretty good writing. The real star is the northern NM landscape that is standing in for Wyoming. Wyomingers must roll their eyes mightily if they watch. Too bad they weren't brave enough to get a fat actor to play Walt. Henry should be bigger and burlier too. Vic should have a fouler mouth. I think I'm headed back to the books.