Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The moon was all it was cracked up to be. Quite an unusual celestial combination including a convenient viewing time, mild temps and clear local skies. Here's a photo by Keith Caffery that caught a meteor as well for an embarrassment of riches:

Aaaah. We sat in the back of the Subaru wagon with the flap up and watched the darkening. The youngest got chilly, then sleepy. We decided the wagon is big enough for the two girls to sleep in for car camping. That would give the two adults a more reasonable amount of room in the tent in our so far entirely theoretical family camping. Then we drove out to the soybean field to see the full dark. I was waffling on the second part but am so glad I got to see the beautiful starfield with the darkened moon. There's a brilliant twinkling star I've been seeing in the northeast, down below Cassiopeia and Perseus. Pretty sure it's Capella, the Goat Star
Looking north in November

Lots of colors in the twinkles which I know is partially because it's so low in the sky and therefore I'm seeing it through layers of visually distorting atmosphere. Still gorgeous.

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Zhoen said...

We only saw a bit of it, through city lights and trees, then clouds, still - impressive.