Thursday, September 24, 2015


I keep seeing this article linked in my internet reading territory. Article in The Atlantic by Alison Gopnik. She tells about a literary/historical/philosophical quest that pulled her out of a mid-life depression. It's witty and has much to recommend it. Here are the lines that are travelling with me this week:
"When you're young you want things: work, love, children. When you reach middle age, you want to want things."

Is that true? I have gone through times in my life when I wanted things desperately. And times even in youth when I couldn't muster up the interest to want. Part of growing up was learning about emotional weather patterns; to hold on during storms and wait for better days. I don't have a passion pulling me forward. More satisfaction in making life rumble on fairly smoothly. I find it harder and harder to think of myself as a sexual initiator. I see my middle aged body as more humble and crass than ever. Grateful for the long term partner I've got and not much interested in any prowling or posing.

Although after reading an appreciation of Margaret Dumont (of Marx Brothers films fame) I remembered that I do love a good randy matron. If there's not a cocktail named after Mae West then it's time to invent one. Hm, the brandy with egg yolk recipe sounds more medicinal than appealing. But then according to the Guardian the lady herself didn't drink alcohol.

I still want friends and company. That's what I should be working on. Should shakes its finger. Full lunar eclipse on Sunday night if we don't have clouds.

Last night's cobbled together lasagne was a good way to use extra ricotta in the fridge as well as a couple of farm share eggplants that would have gone to compost otherwise. More tomato sauce next time. The Serious Eats folks in the Food Lab are blowing my mind with the ideas about soaking dried pasta or putting into the water before bringing it to a boil. The lasagne noodles were great after a soak and just a brief boil.

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