Friday, October 2, 2015


Deciding whether to step down the antibiotics yet. I may keep on for a couple more days and then reduce the dosage. Skin has responded - clear at the moment. Maybe I should keep on through the next hormonal surge. I got over the tilted feeling of the first week, where it felt like I was about to stumble at any moment. Now my only remaining side effect is that when I get hungry I get Very Hungry. Don't know if that's because gut flora are reduced. I wonder if I'm absorbing less nutrients. Also I'm jogging some days a week. So I just keep eating and hoping for the best.

CN reminded me of the existence of frozen hashbrowns. I had never purchased any before. Somehow they were just out of my view, over the horizon of possibility. But the grocery store did accept my money and I came home with some last weekend. Just fried the first panful last night and I can tell this will be a frequent event. My days of shredding potatoes and squeezing the water out of them may be ended. The Ben and Birdy recipe for breakfast burritos is quite tantalizing. I was compelled to make a batch of black beans after reading. I haven't actually progressed to the burritos but it sounds like a wonderful idea. Good for the hungry and grumpy no matter how old.

Thinking about the clanky wonderful carillon on campus. The bell tower instrument, played like an organ with hands and feet. Something about being between earth and sky and the clock/ alarum/ mourning/ praise functions of the big bells. Definitely could work that up to some magic in a campus fantasy setting. Play with the clumsy clanking nerd musician aspect as a foil to the summoning powerful call. And now I know that the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America exists! Wonder what the total membership number is.

Important information for future ref: NYT's collection of veggie comfort food recipes.

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Lucy said...

We had some visitors a little while ago who introduced me to the concept of frozen mashed potato (they were the kind of visitors who like exploring and comparing supermarkets). It comes in little sticks in a bag, is very cheap and remarkably good, though it seemed to me like the most decadent thing imaginable. Good for thickening soups too.