Monday, October 26, 2015

Falling leaves

Walked to work
Last Wednesday morning. Parked car at repair shop the night before so they could do my front brakes. No drama, the walk takes about half an hour. It's a fine walk under big trees that are mostly turning color or already losing leaves. I wish it was shorter or made me buff, one or the other. My bod does well with walking but I get no noticeable results unless I'm jog trotting.

Not a crock
Made revelatory crockpot chicken again! In chicken: garlic, parsley, half a lemon. On chicken: salt and pepper. Under chicken: some oil, onion, carrot and celery. Cook on 2 (on my ancient Lutheran rummage sale crockpot) for 4 hours. Can broil chicken to crisp it up. Really succulent results.

Out of contemporary novels, I started a Dickens in desperation: Martin Chuzzlewit. But then I made it to the library and picked up John Straley, Craig Johnson, and Neal Stephenson books. I'll save old Chas. for colder weeks.

Delicate meetup set for Monday evening. Nod recommended telling stories and getting to know each other. Sounds radical.

Change is in the air at work. A sweet co worker left, another one is done at the end of October. Our team leader is looking at her options. I don't blame her but if she leaves the remaining two of us will be adrift. I admire her ambition and big picture view.

The Polylinguist has moved out of his young adult group flat in Ealing. He has been their oldest young adult for a while now. He is now in temporary digs in Chiswick. It sounds like that plan is for him to buy something. "This place is great; what a shame I'll only be here until I buy whatever hole in whatever life-threatening remote neighbourhood that I can't really afford!" London real estate is a daunting monster. I hope he can sneak under its guard and find a good nook.

A lot of fashion has to do with glue these days. We can have rhinestones on everything because the industry has come up with shiny bits and glue that can both survive machine washing and drying. Bought some jeans for Kat at Target and we by-passed an entire rack devoted to large rhinestones on back pockets. She still likes plain rather than bright or glitzy but it's not all black. Quite refreshing.

The Smartypants Signoff
It's not a farewell entirely but she's done writing about her kid because teenager. I have also been thinking about how my teenager has assumed more creative control. Raising my invisible glass to that accomplishment.

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