Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Grab and go

Pig win
The Waffle introduced me to a new word: Mangalitsa. It's a Hungarian hairy pig variety, a cross between domestic pigs and wild pigs. Modern Farmer entry on the Mangalitsa. Modern Farmer has some other winning entry titles on that page: "Never buy a teacup pig" and "Unsolved mystery: exploding pig poop".

Woolly booger:

More than halfway through this box of tea bags at work I have discovered they are decaffeinated. I have a caffeine deficiency! This could explain a lot.

Younger kid came up against some deadlines last night. Tears and feeling doomed about a bunch of math and a research project. We talked through what she needed to do before the morrow. I went and got a couple of library books and helped her find a website with some real content. Helped her switch topics to get the math mostly done and then herded her to bed. She got up an hour early, finished the math and was feeling much more on top of things for the research paper. Result!

While taking a break from coaching Bun, Nod drew me aside last night. He had a matter to confess: the gym staff, not content to take his membership fees (ugh) got him to sign up for a pricey amount of personal training (UGH!). He had tried to renege but had already signed something and the money is theirs. So I'm going to choose to think of it as money towards his health maintenance. So in case you have just joined a gym, remember that the staff's job is to extract as much $$ out of you as they can. En garde! Wish I could poke someone with a fencing epee: enh! enh! and eeeenh!

I intend to take some photos of the foliage this fall. Even crummy photos will show how gorgeous the colors are.

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Zhoen said...

I've really come to appreciate Modern Farmer, so much great content.

Gyms are indeed, out to soak. Few ever make it worthwhile. Hopefully, your Nod will.