Monday, October 12, 2015

The Mission

More even-keeled this week. Family trip to the movies last night. Felt sorry for my 11 year old during the horror movie previews. But after that bit we all enjoyed The Martian. Yes, you should go.

I thought Ridley Scott was done and am delighted he's still working and that he made such a hopeful movie. Inspiring to see priorities that are set by a mission and the preservation of human life. This is compared to 'normal life' where a mission statement is probably a mushy bunch of waffly words that sum up to something like 'we do good stuff'. Jeff Daniels deserves an award simply for the towering number of movies he's made. He must be ahead of all the other actors by now. He's excellent as the head of NASA.

I'm not sure if I could be diurnal if I lived in Scandinavia with all this going on at night.

found in a metafilter post.

Over the last week the first reds and golds have come out on trees. There is one intersection I come to every morning on my way to work. A stop sign is backedup by a towering red topped tree. Stop! for Fall!

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