Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Feeling unworthy at work. That's familiar. It doesn't mean that I'm getting bad feedback. But that I don't feel I measure up to what's expected. I can summon a cloud of dread with a mere flick of my finger. I have a history of treating this by taking a not-so-ambitious job.

Time to sign up for the health insurance plan for next calendar year. Our plan cost will more than double starting in January. This requires arithmetic to compare it with another plan. I resent the time I must spend doing something that I don't feel any confidence that I will do correctly: estimate health care costs and correctly discern which plan will be most economical for our family. I realize this is complaining about our solid gold health coverage and don't expect sympathy.

Trying to download an app and update Google Play on my phone. It spins and doesn't resolve and I have no idea how to encourage it.

Jogged Monday evening in the mist. It was so cool I added a jacket for the first time. Nod went swimming at the gym. I resent the gym membership expense. He felt it was necessary. I will ask for a review of value at the end of next summer before re-upping.

Wish I'd known about the health insurance hike before I committed to the increased (~$300 per year) parking fee.

Ran into the kids yesterday at the union when they were getting lunch. School group was at lit fest. I gave them some tips (salad bar is good and quicker than other lines) and left them to it. Kat asked last night if she can take some of her classes online. I have no idea how that works but I guess I'm going to find out. She is not a slacker but is chafing under the yoke. There's plenty to chafe so why not explore other ways to get to the finish line?

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