Friday, October 30, 2015

Wrap it up

Slight unwellness
After an improbable run of effectiveness and efficiency I succumbed to some aches and self-pity Tuesday night. I lolled on the couch while the other family members carved their pumpkins. I pressed a mug with a steaming piece of wet paper towel in the bottom to my ear. And I watched 9 innings of baseball. It wasn't a very reassuring baseball game for we Royals fans. I retired to bed after they had tied it up in the bottom of the ninth inning. I had the radio on until the twelfth inning but was mostly asleep. Nod came to bed after midnight and told me they finally won it in the 14th effing inning.

Despite a fragile feeling I have no more distinct symptoms and bravely went to work. I will surely be recognized for my efforts in the face of post nasal drip. Self pity lifted as I never succumbed to whatever it was. The Royals winning again clearly bolstered my immune system.

I made a pot of black beans on Sunday with the slow cooker but they were grudging and still firm after many hours. Monday I brought them to the boil again and let them cook some more. I think they've finally reached Edible. Am throwing out the rest of that bag. Some beans just don't want to soften. Made another batch of red ench sauce to go with them. Mmmmm.

Kat has been accepted into the exchange program our city does with its Japanese sister city. I am worried that we've bitten off more than we can chew. We will help her ask her grandmas for $ and Nod wants her to create another fundraising event. Ugh. Then at some point we're supposed to host two Japanese students for a week. This will require a new piece of furniture just to start. I will go to the Sat. info meeting and see if they have any comfort for me. I will take a sandwich because it's scheduled from 10:30 to 12:30.

Last night I carved my pumpkin and watched a terrible movie The Petrified Forest. It's old enough to be interesting despite the wooden acting and melodrama structure. Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart in '36 playing youths, something I'd never seen before. The movie is also full of all the movie cliches that Looney Tunes flogged to such good effect. My favorite was the gangsters crowded around the wooden radio console listening to the voice giving a Special Bulletin about the police chasing them.

Costume snit
Kat wanted to sew her No Face tube of black fabric and had decided that it must happen last night. I didn't full absorb that message until it was almost 10p. I sent her to bed after we pinned the sides. Like a notions superhero I wound a bobbin of black thread, threaded the machine and sewed the sides. And then I kicked things on my way to bed. Black thundercloud over head. I basted the end this morning and it's ready to attach to the mask. Am pleased with result.

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