Monday, November 9, 2015


No holes
Picking out an apple from the bag in the fridge and the first one I pulled out had a small hole. I don't want a holey apple. No... what I want is an unholy apple. Mwahahahaha. What could you do with a demonic apple? Reminiscent of the classic poisoned apple, but different.

Perhaps worse than a worm in an apple is aphids all over the mint sprigs. Ugh. I'll try rinsing them off and squishing what I can see but it's not a good sign.

Bun's research paper is on dreams. Sounds fluffy and insubstantial and yet the paper still has to be written and it's a slog. Writing seems to not come naturally for her. I entirely commiserate and am going to do what I can to help her get as much practice as possible. Oh and math, she's gotta do more practice there too. As predicted, this year is demanding more of our sunbeam. I want to help her find a comfort level and a way to approach work.

Far East
Kat's going to Japan with the exchange program this summer. She went to her first monthly meeting to learn some Japanese phrases and pick a fundraising committee and so on. We're getting the grandmas on board. I told my mom last night and she's delighted. I predict a similar reaction from Texas grandma.

Found out that my MIL thinks we're coming to Austin for Christmas. I think this was Nod's doing. I neither confirmed nor denied. We'll have more of a family discussion next weekend.

Party people
Went to my husband's counselor's birthday party Saturday night. He woke up grumpy from a nap and I thought it might be a quick drop-in appearance. Neither Kat nor I expected to know anyone. But Kat was immediately folded into the teenager contingent. And I spent time talking with several people who made me feel welcome, including our hosts. It even included a little tipsy bonfire jumping with Nod in the backyard. A good evening and worth the overeating hangover the next day.

Am down to the last 150 pages of SevenEves by Neal Stephenson. I'm adding the capital e since I have such trouble trying to pronounce it without. The contact between the Diggers and the Spacers on the reformed Earth has just blown up. Despite the violence I'm having to make an effort to get through it. The first half was my favorite. So many imagined inventions and technological solutions. Even with all the new tech the book still skims over the difficulties of living in confined, low-grav spaces.

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Joolie said...

Try a little dish soap or Dr. Bronner's in that aphid water. Or unleash a swarm of ladybugs into the laundry room.