Monday, November 23, 2015

In Story and Song

Misty all the time. Just read a little something about Mr. Rogers, got slightly teary. Yesterday at the folk song sing, got intermittently teary. I wonder if this is happening more often. Then I do the math and realize it's happening as much as it usually does. Cycles!

Trilling. My favorite of the songs we sang was If I Only Had a Brain/a Heart/the Nerve. I remember the days when Kat would ask for the Oz soundtrack every morning at breakfast. Surprised me that "Over the River and Through the Woods" did not make it into Rise Up Singing. Bun came and sang with us. She was done after a couple of hours (which showed great stick-to-it-iveness) and walked home. It was a good group and Ann Zimmerman was a charming and talented piano muso. I need to follow the thread to the Lenexa sing.

Menu and you and you. Bringing black eyed peas to the thanksgiving feast at my brother's house outside of Denver. It's not traditional but it won't fight with anything else on the menu and will be a good veggie option. Kat says that in general she expects the T'giving meal to be mostly potatoes and pie and she's all right with that. Also bringing whole-berry cranberry sauce because the jelly doesn't do it for me. Plus bread and pop and beer.

Frosty. Checking the forecast and so far no blizzard has scotched our trip. The border between KS and CO is a good place to find blizzard conditions so I will keep an eye out.

Six pack to goCasino Royale was good, Nod watched with me and liked it much better than he expected. We did ff through the happy couple montage near the end. Quite stylish deployment of super-spy tropes with creative twists and turns. Excellent cast and a lot of restraint in the writing and directing. (The self-defibrillator bit had me laughing though. If I find you collapsed in your car, the first thing I manage to do will not be to reattach a wire to a patch on your chest.)

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