Friday, November 20, 2015

Opened eyes

Posted on FB that I want to send out cards and if anyone wants a card they should message me their mailing address. I will keep doing that weekly through Dec 15 and we'll see how many takers there are.

With Nod's help I injected the dog's allergy medicine. I have two more 1.0 ml syringes that are small and fiddly. I need to get some of the 5.0 ml ones. Will ask at pharmacy. Beast needs her ears flushed regularly as well. I no longer feel as put upon by her health needs. But on the other hand I don't feel a great deal of urgency in attending to them either. I guess there has to be a balance. Poor Snickerdoodle. Will give pet sitter key and notes on Tuesday.

Watched this documentary on the Lakota language with Kat. She was more interested than I expected. Very few native speakers and small numbers of fluent speakers in the younger generations. One of the teachers said this is the battle that all the Lakota people are engaged in whether they know it or not. Another teacher is a French philosophy professor who came to the area and married a Lakota woman and learned the language. Part of the process is convincing people that this is a language that can be learned, it is not insurmountable. Another teacher translated how an approaching thunderstorm is described in Lakota:  "They have returned." And lightning: "They have opened their eyes." I find that creepy and amazing. I couldn't answer Kat's question about Lakota vs. Dakota. Searching tells me that Lakota, Dakota and Nakota are dialects of a language group.

Reading the next Sheriff Longmire book. Why does 'sheriff' only have one 'r'? Finished At Home in Mitford and had a good time writing my review. I can see the appeal of a cosy read but it flew past my sweet spot. Well written though, I read the whole durn thing.


Zhoen said...

How are you liking Longmire? He's a favorite of mine, so be gentle. I do love Vic.

Nimble said...

Oh I love Longmire. I tried the tv series and it was pretty well done. But the characters are different and lose something -- such a betrayal that Vic isn't allowed to swear much in them at all. The books do a good job of conveying love of landscape and history. They walk the 'magic Indian' line and sometimes fall over it. But they're good and spare and his dialogue only gets better and better.