Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pleasure Purpose

Waiting for more bad news. There are plenty of people who want to bring violence to the West. I like the advice from Charles Pierce to follow the money and stop sending arms and support to power players in the middle east. I'm sure however that it's more complicated than his suggestions imply. Using the Paris attacks as justification for refusing to receive refugees is horridly convenient.

Purpose. What is bringing pleasure? That is what I want to record here. The irritations and dreads will make it in as well. But mostly I want to document the loveliness that comes and goes. This morning was rainy and included a blood draw so it's a good challenge! I wore my very effective raincoat and carried my umbrella and enjoyed not being cold and wet.

Action movie pleasure. I haven't seen any of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. The latest one is out and looking at the fashion photos of the stars is making me curious. I found that the first and third have very good audience ratings. The ratings for Quantum of Solace say 'stay away'. Perversely I still like the awkward title.

Pitching things pleasure. I weeded out all the sprouted and squishy potatoes yesterday. Sad but necessary. I felt the impulse to roast the remaining spuds right then but I had other things going on. Perhaps tonight. Use 'em up! I also threw out the rotting shallots. I have taken against shallots after finding them too sweet in the past. I used to think they were the bees' knees and then one time found them off-putting and have never gone back. It could even be a long ago pregnancy related taste issue. At any rate these two were no longer any good to anyone but the fruit flies.

Bookcase pleasure. Kat rearranged two of our bookshelves in the living room. She put series together and separated fiction from non-fiction and reference. It's all very library-like and delightful.

Pernicious pleasure. I love the wording:

From the Language Log post. Also reminds me of Dahl's Vermicious Knids.


Zhoen said...


Nimble said...

He's an excellent thinker. Thanks for that!

Lucy said...

'The irritations and dreads will make it in as well. But mostly I want to document the loveliness that comes and goes.'

Yes, that'll do. Love the pernicious pleasure too!

Lucy said...

Further to the Charles Pierce piece, this is informative, if not cheering


(preferred the Huff Post one to the original, as the comment thread on the latter is even more depressing).

Nimble said...

Thanks for the link, Lucy. (I am a humorless and stringent avoider of comments on any public forum.) It sounds as though this is a moment (esp. with domestic US oil being strong) for taking a new approach to relations with Saudi Arabia.