Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Spare pet names
I have no plans you understand. But sometimes they bubble up and better to have a stash against future needs. Figgy Pudding, Blunderbuss, Ballyhoo, Hullaballoo (pick only one), Folly, Edwina, Ephraim Newt, Emperor Constantine, Cockolorum, Tipitina, Ninevah.

Slanting light
Short days and low slanty light in the early afternoon. Makes me want to go chalk a fencepost shadow to watch it lengthen towards Dec. 21.

Found radio poem
The education commentator may have carefully crafted this but it sounded off-the-cuff when he talked about comparing educational outcomes across US schools: 'Can we compare outcomes in Albuquerque to those in Akron? to those in Sacramento?'
Nice internal sound stuff there as well as a good geographic span.

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