Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Black ice dancing

Icy highways on the plains. We saw rain and then freezing rain on Thanksgiving morning while watching the temperature go slowly down. After crossing into Colorado we hit some black ice and the Dreadnought sashayed back and forth on the road. Nod brought it to a gentle stop on the correct side of the road. Points for him. I gave running commentary (Steer into the turn! We're okay! It's going to be okay!) which is what I had to do in order not to scream. Watched a car with Georgia plates go off into the right hand ditch. They were able to drive it out again with no trouble. But many miles where the back end tried to creep around if we went more than 45 mph which makes a long drive much longer.

We got there and had a wonderful visit in Denver. It was lightly snowing most of the time and the roads were treated and fine. Visiting with the brother and nephews and honorary sis in law was very good. Even went for a lovely snow hike with Jenn near Morrison. Couldn't get Rye or the nephs to come, too cold. There was no wind the snow and ice covered every branch and leaf. Hushed and expectant. Saw deer browsing above the trails, watching hikers and even dogs without much interest. Bun found a hideout under a pinetree and spooked a bunny out of it. Kat got a picture of the bunny and the trail and the foothills and everything else.

Rye deep fried two turkeys, standing outside in the side yard in the snow. He earned his feast. Food was delish and 9 adults and 9 kids were good company. The kids between 11 and 16 all played Risk after dinner. The girls are so ancient now that I didn't have to do anything for them except tell them to be patient when they were ready for pie before the adults were.

More ice on the way home and we stopped for another motel night. Glad to be home and off those roads and what was I thinking? Next time: CO in summer. Jenn says cabin camping and that appeals.

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