Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Honey fence
How do you keep elephants in a preserve? With beehives of course. Found at Nag on the Lake. Beehives are mounted on fence poles which are connected by wires. If the elephants bump the wire or the poles the bees react.
Zoologist Lucy King came up with the honey fence solution, which takes advantage of the fact that elephants are terrified by the sound of bees. (The delicate skin inside their trunks is apparently particularly vulnerable to being stung.)
Cacophony Society
6th grade band concert is tomorrow night. I am ready to watch my little darling and her trombone. I am prepared for novice ensemble playing. I will keep any giggles silent.

Tree petting
There are two pretty douglas fir xmas trees left at our favorite neighborhood hardware store. Cost $65. I think I'll try to convince the fam that one of these is our destiny.

Long Things
Maybe you just need some long articles to read right now. There's the Emma article that I've been pushing, written by the Austen critic/enthusiast John Mullan. Or for a taste of world finance, how about an article on the boom/bust that the Isle of Jersey is going through? I'm currently working my way through this interview with the Johns that are They Might Be Giants about every single album they've recorded so far. Aah.


Zhoen said...

Thanks for TMBG article! I read about the bee/elephant solution, so sensible and whole.

Hope you got through the trombone band. Don't think I could.

Nimble said...

Elephants need their own planet I think.

Of the three ensembles, the brass was the most tuneful. I think it is more mechanical than the strings and reeds -- the players are more liable to hit correct notes on the brass instruments. That is an advantage for the audience.

Joolie said...

Oh, man, there are few things more life affirming and hilarious than a beginner band toiling away. Thanks for the mental image.

Nimble said...

@Joolie, yes the first middle school orchestra and band concert I attended as a parent was a learning experience. I laughed (silently) through the whole thing. Such a moaning and squeaking, as of humpback whales perhaps.