Thursday, December 31, 2015


The week of highs in the 20s turned into 30s and I am relieved. We've shed most of our ice. Only two days this week of wearing hiking shoes to work. More sun to come, thank the spheres.

I've been watching Father Ted and thinking of the Danish. The laugh track is execrable but the accents and underplaying are worth it. Won't you have a teeny little sandwich then?

I've been making a grocery list all week. I suppose one day I'll need to go out and acquire those things, rather than just recording their absence. Still no yarn, I've been too slayed in the evenings to go out and search for that either.

Lost and Found
Bun's phone was dropped outside her friend's house on Tuesday. Picked up by neighbor kid and dropped off to us on Thursday. That's two phones lost and found in December. Enough of that sort of thing. Kat says hers isn't working very well, stops responding and has to be frequently restarted. I'm not feeling urgent about this but we will probably want to replace it in the spring or at the end of the school year.

Nod's woken up at 3 something for two mornings in a row. It makes him angry and who can blame him. 3 to 5am in the winter is a useless time of day as far as I can tell.

All the Books/Food
Went to the library with Nod last night to stock up before their two day closure. I have a nice pile including two cookbooks by the Three Many Cooks author Pam Anderson. I'm trying to find a good veggie chili recipe and I have particular requirements. I don't want it to skew sweet so not much corn or sweet potatoes. She uses hominy in her recipes and that sounds like a good direction. I'll try a batch and see if our resident veggie likes it. I also have 2# of green chile thawing, to make a meaty stew with.


Zhoen said...

Father Ted is amazing. "Down With This Sort of Thing!" "Careful now!"

Happy Newish Years Leaping! First Foot.

Lucy said...

My brother lives near a town called Gorron. When we approach it I like to drive Tom mad by saying 'Gorron Gorron Gorron Gorron!'

Have a very good 2016. Always enjoy hearing about you and yours, and admire the variety, energy and sanity you clearly bring to life.

Don't forget to have some really nice treat ready and waiting in plain sight for after you've cleaned the dog's ears. I so miss having a dog, but not doggy otitis.

Joolie said...

"I suppose one day I'll need to go out and acquire those things, rather than just recording their absence." = Hee!

Happy new year to you and your people.

Nimble said...

Happy new to everyone!

Anonymous said...

'What do you say to a nice cup of tea?'
'Feck off, tea!'
Best 2 lines in father Ted by far! I love to think of you watching it.
-the Danish