Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Get your sparkle on

Accordion Noel
Thinking about playing some fun xmas music tomorrow when I'm at work all day. Remembered Brave Combo and wondered... Yes! They do have a Christmas album! I think that must be where old Bob Dylan got his conjunto stylee 'Must Be Santa' arrangement. Research continues...

Temps in the lower 30s yesterday when I was expecting 50s. I was dumb and I was cold.

Circus arts recital last night. Sound level was much better this year. The little kids were cute but that part took a long time. Kat was a star. Bun got the pix and video so I can post on FB.

Technical breakthrough. Finally figured out how to download photos and videos from phone to laptop. I give thanks to the Acer how-to video I found. Got old phone pix saved, got a year of the new phone pix and videos saved. Now I will feel more cavalier about filling up the phone knowing that I can easily save and share this stuff. Still not comfortable with cloud storage stuff although I do have pix in Google Docs.

Some Christmas cards flung into the postal system. (Imagine a Hilary Knight illustration of Eloise flinging a cyclone of envelopes in a chaotic post office scene.) Brother's shirt and both of Mom's gifts should arrive before Christmas day. I will write some more cards to send after Yule. Got more done than I expected!

A friend is caroling at a nursing home at 11:30a on the Eve, I may take Lexi and do that. And I may visit our church on Christmas Eve. Trying to decide between kid's pageant at 5:00pm and Lessons and Carols at 10:30pm. I suppose if I get all my wrapping done I could take a nap and make the late show. But it is seeming unlikely.

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