Monday, December 7, 2015

Jostle On

Crock Pot Hot Tub
Before we left for the holiday I cooked black-eyed peas in the crockpot overnight. In the morning they were still tough. Nod told me he thought it wasn't hot enough, said I needed to boil 'em! I looked at the steamy but not bubbling pot and turned the heat up a bit. Checked back after half an hour, nothing. So I put them on the stove and boiled 'em! And that's what it took. Apparently I had been treating the black-eyed peas to a lengthy hot tub session rather than cooking them.

Followed a link to author Blair Thornburgh's blog and was delighted at these prose seashells:
Important sea chanty info, strong opinions on Christmas carols, and valuable life hacks.

Power thru
Had an accidental party on Saturday night. It was a couple coming over and then we invited more neighbors and another friend. They all came and we had beer and snacks around the fire in the backyard. Much chat and cackling. I got my second wind and was up til 1:30a. Short sleep, two strong beers and not much dinner brought some follow up bleariness the next day. I slopped around until noon then made fast soup (Tomato Basil Soup with water instead of broth and no cream but we add yogurt to our bowls).

Post-soup I agreed to take K to get the top of her ear pierced. It's what she wanted for her birthday. After initially saying that she could pierce whatever she wanted after she was 18 I decided it wasn't the end of the world. Nod had no objection. So she got directions to the mall in the state where it's legal to get a cartilage piercing at the mall. And we drove there. In our state you have to go to a piercer to get that done. Only got lost once. Was very efficient and K reports it didn't hurt much at all.

Jogged Saturday after the holiday hiatus. It was short and a bit lame. Jogged Sunday with my neighbor SK who'd been at our party. She's trying to get back to a routine too. Sunday's outing felt better and I was not tempted to slack off early. Am going to propose a weeknight outing to the indoor track to try that out. I need an option when daylight and dry sidewalks aren't available. SK says she read a study about fast walking vs. running. The study said that running produced a better toned butt even if the walkers went fast enough to maintain an equivalent heart rate. They concluded that it must be the jiggling that made the difference. I think the jostling of jogging is good for my entire organism. Gives all those systems something to react to.


Minnie Fleming said...

Oh, thank you for the link to "strong opinions on Christmas carols". The author sums up my feelings on the subject. I could, though, offer an even more pagan example of the first carol listed.

Nimble said...

God Rest Ye Merry has always been one of my faves. I like the language and the minor key and the bounciness. I can imagine red-cheeked urchins running into the tavern and belting it out.