Monday, December 28, 2015


Suited ourselves and had a fine holiday. Went to sweet neighbors' brunch on xmas day. It was a good reason to get dressed and be civilized by 11am. At the meal I conversed with her dad, a farmer originally from Nebraska. He told me that he had about twenty cousins and they all grew up within 15 miles of each other. But that now people scatter and relocate and are not so much from one place. I agree but as a contrast I recently heard a statistic that the average adult American lives within 18 miles of their mother. Here's the NYT story with statistical layout. Interesting to see that the NE and central South have the closest distances.

Had a couple over on boxing day for chile and cornbread. They are a May (male programmer) December (female yoga teacher) pair who are getting married in March. They're on a shoestring budget and often don't socialize because $. It was good to see them and I will try to get them to come over and eat our food on a more regular basis. They brought Exploding Kittens and we had a great time trying it out.

Need to go through my bag of holding. I think there are important checks in there somewhere. Nervous belly.

Got freezing rain and snow last night. More today. I am at work which is my latest accomplishment.

Ran low on grey heather yarn. Went to fabric store and they were out of my color! Have striped the back of my sweater to conserve some of the grey. I like how the stripes look and it reminds me of a sampler. But I will need more to do the sleeves. Will try a couple of other yarn retailers.  
...after the ice storm is done.


Zhoen said...

Suiting oneself does tend to lead to better holidays.

Ah, The Oatmeal, one of my favorites.

Nimble said...

Here's to a happy new year for The Oatmeal and for the rest of us!