Friday, December 18, 2015


Ear attention
Rinsed the dog's ears again because she's been rubbing at them. It was an unpopular procedure. I wiped at them a little bit. Suspect I need to do the med drops too. I will need a dog wrassler for that.

New mystery
Reading a Murdoch mystery by Jennings set in 1880s Toronto. Couldn't find the first book of the series so am trying the second. I like the removed tone. I notice modern concerns (feminism and the inner life of women so far) but not it's not excessive. Officer Murdoch doing his calisthenics reminds me of PGW's description of Ashe Marson's morning exercises in Something New:
The Larsen Exercises, invented by a certain Lieutenant Larsen, of the Swedish Army, have almost every sort of merit. They make a man strong, supple, and slender. But they are not dignified. Indeed, to one seeing them suddenly and without warning for the first time, they are markedly humorous. 
No one laughs at Murdoch so far. But then he is doing his situps in the privacy of his own room.
Finished that book and I liked the ending which had Murdoch sandwiched between female admirers while everyone watched the police force tug-o-war contest. He may be humor-impaired but the author isn't.

Mailed Mom's birthday present and card today. Ordered a Christmas present which may or may not be delivered on 12/24. Feels like a hurdle cleared. Wish we were closer. Air travel costs are not going down. I am thinking that our next ABQ visit will be by car.

More inches
Have finished 13" of the front panel of my sweater from a pattern out of Stitch 'n Bitch. Here's someone else's finished sweater pics. I changed the pattern so the crossed bones are now crossed arrows and the skulls are 4 petal flowers. Also added a small flower in the center of the chest. So I girlified it!


Joolie said...

I have an ear drop tip for you! Put the bottle in your pocket for an hour or so before administering. Body-temperature ear drops are much less distressing than room-temperature ear drops. (This knowledge was hard earned after living a decade and a half with a cat prone to both ear infections and arm slashing.)

Nimble said...

That is a good idea!