Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The Christmas wave is happening. Tree was wrassled. It wanted to lie at a 30&deg angle in the stand. Nod had a go at it. I theorized that the hardware store nimrod who trimmed the trunk for me had left too much of a lip on one side that made it topple. I found a wood scrap in the backyard to shim it. Removed a couple of rusty nails and then it was just the right size. Tree is up straightish now and no one is allowed to adjust it anymore. It's lovely with our lights and ornaments. Haven't hung the small candy canes yet. The race is on to hang them before we eat them all.

A few things ordered. A little one for my mom arrived - a Navajo sand cast silver letter opener. I should have checked the description better, it's smaller than I expected. But it feels nice and is pretty. The little piece of turquoise doesn't appear to be a hunk of blue plastic. I need to find a box and fling it into the shipping lanes.

One more trip to the toy store should do it. Oldest daughter is a puzzle. That's traditional for 14. Hmm...

Nod is in the Slough of Despond with no sun lately. I think it'll reappear tomorrow and that ought to help all of us. During our Sunday of rain I was feeling a bit of anomie. But hell, I jogged Saturday and got a lot of things done over the weekend.

Including going to see The Good Dinosaur with youngest. It was better than I expected. I'm glad Bun is an ancient 11 y.o. because our protagonist went through many natural disasters and got clonked on the head in frightening ways more than once. I cried a lot because the movie fulfilled its destiny as a Disney production, exploring parental loss. One killed on screen, two lost before the plot started. But it was a good cry. I commend the writers' sincerity. On the entertainment front I especially enjoyed the herding T Rexes. They looked like centaurs when they ran. Sam Elliott is welcome to bring that rumbly bass voice over here by me any time. I liked this movie better than Inside Out which sets me against other friends my age and the Rotten Tomatoes voters.

Solstice is next week so we can swing into gaining light very soon. Slow pivot through the darkest point.

Finished one card. Am giving myself Jan 31 as my deadline for the entire project. I can send paper missives!

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