Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Black/White Dog

Black dog
Monday morning brought the Dreads. An unsettled feeling about impending something. I had a work chore I was not looking forward to. The sky was grey and lowering. There didn't seem to be anything to look forward to.

White dog
Then the weather brightened, internally and externally. The sun shines, the sky is blue. I feel chipper and like good things might happen. I got to my distasteful chore eventually. And the world keeps on spinning.

Funky dog
Nod and youngest washed Snickers on Sunday. She reeked and it was finally above freezing. It brought a vast improvement in our house's atmosphere.

We did house cleaning on Saturday afternoon, prepping for having a couple over. But I realized about 4p that I couldn't hold up my end of the conversation and needed to simply veg on the couch. Nod went over to their place instead. I continued to be under the weather the rest of the weekend. Still, many things got done. I remembered how miserable it is to distrust your digestive system and to have not much appetite. I would make a bad ascetic.

This baked oatmeal with coconut milk, bananas and dried coconut was a great success this morning! I reduced the nutmeg and will probably omit it next time. I might add more eggs and milk to make it more custardy. It made the house smell wonderful and used up some of the bananas languishing in the freezer. Yum.

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