Thursday, January 7, 2016

Feeling my way

Bad Morning
My spouse took possession of the bathroom right as I was about to shower. Thwarted, I stomped out to the kitchen, got the pets outed and fed and made coffee. While puttering in the kitchen I saw that I had left a full pot of rice out overnight and, the real heartbreaker, the entire pot of chicken broth I had made from our roast chicken carcass. Oh, my precious! Cussing and feeling the waste of time/care/effort, I disposed of the remains. I am still fuming that I will now have to buy chicken broth for the stew on Friday for our dinner party.

Reading Swistle and her commenters enthusing about getting rid of stuff. Made me realize that I still haven't brought up the boxes so we can put the tree ornaments away. Will I pose us in front of the tree for a family snap beforehand? My Christmas spirit fled last week. If I start not noticing the Christmas tree then it is certainly time to take it down.

I have a couple of bags of giveaway clothes in my bedroom. This morning I added a faux-leather blazer. It looks good which is why I've kept it so long. But it feels like wearing a big hunk of plastic because -- that's what it is. Off with its head!

Nice fist
I could become a knot nerd in my old age. Here's an instructables series on creating a monkey's fist at the end of a rope. After looking through the images I'm not sure I understand the magic that is going on in step 5 but I'll have to try with some cord or yarn.

NewYrs Reso I may steal:  create surprises. For myself? For strangers? For family and friends?

Irish Potato Farls from Sauce Pots blog

Evidence that the scientific name of the American Plains Bison is indeed:  Bison bison bison! I love this so much.


Joolie said...

Ugh, I did that once with a pot of stock and nearly cried. That stuff is like cheap gold.

Nimble said...

Boo. I am vowing to use a timer when cooking the pot next time.

Nimble said...
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Nimble said...
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Lucy said...

Sorry, was the stock (and rice) actually spoiled by being left out? Usually winter overnight temperatures here aren't enough to make things go off, and bringing it up to boiling again will kill off pathogens if you're worried... or am I just being disgustingly Old World and scuzzy? Chicken stock really is too precious, as you say.