Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fud and stuff

We're going to have black bean and cheese enchiladas again tonight! Nod requested spinach enchiladas at some future point. Putting spinach together with cheese enchiladas blew my mind a little bit, it just isn't something I've ever assembled myself. This recipe looks good. But I'd use my favorite red sauce and I'd probably add some black beans to the filling too. Now I'm looking at Mel's recipe for baked manicotti hungrily now.

In the bag
Another Christmas era is passed. Nod got the ornament removal going on Monday night. I was wall-eyed tired but agreed that it was past time. Thought it would be done over several days but once we got going there was no reason not to get the tree out that night. The remaining boxing will happen on the weekend. I look forward to burning our tree when it's good and crispy.

Nod is driving down to Austin the next two days. Last night while I was preheating the oven for biscuits I heard a loud pop and no more display on the oven. It was dead. He flipped the breaker in the basement and then looked it over. Thinks the control board may be going but he got it up and running again. Biscuits were a little underdone but still delish. I will miss him over the weekend. I plan to console myself with football and possibly some chicken wings.
==update== It's dead after all. He's ordered the new control board but I'll be missing him and the chicken wings this weekend.

Alan Rickman has died and I woke up with fleeting dream thoughts of Snape. I know he kept a good sense of humor about his fame and his roles. He needed it. I once found a recording of a Canadian radio interview he'd done around the release of Robin Hood. The interviewer asked him about whether it was annoying to have to go out flogging the latest film. He repeated the word incredulously: "fuh-logging?!" and the interviewer dissolved in nervous giggles.


Joolie said...

I hope Nod is in Austin now--the weather is ridiculously good today!

Nimble said...

Yes, he had great luck with his timing. Single digit temps are always worth fleeing.