Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Dry run
Had a workshop to lead at 8:00am this morning. Only one person signed up so I figured it would be a good way to get back into this teaching thing. They no-showed which was fine. I got the two monitors to show my powerpoint and my website. That's the part that worries me. Then I read my handouts for fifteen minutes. I'll get to do this again on Thursday. Maybe I'll even have some students.

Dividing line
Have talked more with the 8th grader about her high school dilemma next year. I moved house partly to get us into the nearby high school district. The other high school is 15-20 minutes away. And has a snootier reputation. But then, oldest child realized that 80% of her good friends will go to farHS. She is very sad about having to go to nearHS. I waver in my level of sympathy. What I told her is that she'll have to plan for nearHS during this spring's HS prep activities, because that is the district we are in for now. If we relocate over the summer then she can get orientation for farHS from all those good friends I guess.

Thin ice
My trickiest social contact just emailed me about getting down to brass tacks. It should be an entertaining conversation even though I can't figure out how we'd turn smoke into fire.

I'm reading a book about stargazing (literal stars in the skies, not celebrities) and pining for some fiction.

In other stargazing news, I notice this week that the sun is just above the horizon now when I leave work. Progress!

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