Monday, January 4, 2016


Folie à plusieurs
You're very kind, fellow bloggers. Onward into the new year of words! You may want to read Ursula Vernon's tumblr which is currently a blog by another name. She's a gem.

My yarn errand was a full out failure. After striking out at three stores I was going to resort to the craft store owned by the fundies who don't want to pay for contraception for their employees. But luckily it was Sunday so they were closed and I didn't have to go against my convictions. Have found it online for cheap enough. Now I will go home and decide if I need other colors or just the gray. The sweater pattern has been a good puzzle, distraction, occupation, and so on. I think I might like wearing the finished garment when I'm done. But I've been wrong about that before.

Bobbing along
Nod came through and gave me space age gloves and ear band (head warmer? topless hat?) to go jogging in. I have decided that after 4 years it's time to buy a new pair of running shoes. My neighbor and running partner told me what brand they were so I can do my research.

2015 was a good year for my jogging experiment. But my body has now acclimated to the easy routine I developed. Now I have to do something slightly more challenging to get the muscles and fat to go in the desired directions. I suppose this is an accomplishment -- my body can do more and requires more exertion to change. This fills me with resentment. Am going to try some short bursts of speed interleaved with my familiar slower-than-dirt pace. My kids have both been stymied by my slow trot. They cannot run that slowly and have to circle back or alternate walking in order to try and stay with me. When I started I had to remind myself to go slow in order to do the full time. "How slow can you go, how slow can you go, how slow can you go?"

And for a while that slowgoing worked, dammit! Exercise is the last resort for me. I have proven with careful, thorough experimentation that neither reading on the couch nor walking briskly will get me in shape. I can now cross extremely slow jogging off the list too.

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