Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chicken Cuteness

The two chickens from next door have been invading our yard lately. They hop their little three foot fence at every opportunity and are often found in the surrounding yards. They were in our backyard when I was home sick. I let the dog out in front so she wouldn't bother them. I do wonder what they are finding to eat. The near-sighted dog did finally catch sight of them as they strolled back and forth past the sliding glass door. Snickers' ears went up and she clearly wanted to go sniff them. She's too big to try it. Especially considering that their sister died by Jack Russell terrier.

Yesterday they were in the front yard when I pulled up in the car. They are chill birds. If I call them they will come see if I have treats. I don't ever have treats, I just need to pick them up and put them over the fence into their own yard. They don't like that but it's not as hard as I would expect. I find them very cute.

Here's a tribute to a good chicken who has gone to the great coop beyond. A grumpy sweet orpington, rest in peace.

When I talk about my appreciation for chickens the girls suggest that we should get some. But that's more animals that need to be petsit/boarded if we want to travel. No more livestock for now.


Zhoen said...

Well, if you have chicken visitors, that should do it. I hear they eat a lot of bugges that are pests, aphids, earwigs, that sort. We have two chicken keepers in our block, and I love watching them wander around.

Nimble said...

Yes, visiting is best for now. Teeny fluffy dinos.