Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HS horizon

Monday was hungover after Sperbolling. It's been a while and I am not in favor of the hangover. I blame the red wine but it was fun on the night.

Festive to have everyone over. I've never cut up so many avocados, that was fun. I couldn't hear any of the commercials over the happy din. Still confused about why three performers at halftime. Just realized that I don't know why we call them bowl games. It can't be about stadium shapes, can it? [skimming] Wikipedia says it *is* the stadium shapes, the Yale Bowl was the first one. Where's the fun in that?

High pressure windy and cold. Went to school meetings Tues am. Both kids are doing well. K is ready to take over high school in the fall. We're still chewing on which one. I'll be the lump who doesn't want to move house and does want both kids to go to LHS on this side of town. She and her dad are all for upping sticks and going across the district line. This spring will decide it as we would have to give notice by the end of April that we intended to move end of July.

I was sympathetic until I heard from Bun that she'd lean toward the east side high school. If both kids wanted to go west (young women) I'd get on board and make it happen. But Kat wanting to go where more of her friends are going does not outweigh my preference and her sister's preference.

I'm concerned about Bun's engineering fair car construction. But she does have a hot glue gun! We'll host a brainstorming session this weekend.

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