Thursday, February 4, 2016

New steps

Breaking trail
New responsibilities as our team lead has begun her new position. It's going better than I expected in some ways but still fills me with vague alarm as I do things for the first time.

Stood up and walked into the corner of my desk on Tuesday evening. I'll be feeling that bruise for another week.

Did a meet up and finally got cards on the table with Messenger. It was good to get it over with. We are both such cautious critters. Agreed that it'd be fun to canoodle but time and privacy are scarce for all. May just be a friendship to cultivate.

We'll be making lashings of guacamole and roasting chicken wings and have invited folks to help us watch football and eat on Sunday evening.

Kat will be part of a circus school performance at a fancy fundraiser event tomorrow. This is assuming that she feels better than last night. I've kept her home from school today, which makes me feel permissive. Oh well. Hope she will be able to rest. Fingers crossed that she will be able to go and enjoy doing the show. Conveniently enough there are rides lined up in both directions so we don't have to schlep out to deliver or pick her up from an event we can't afford to attend.

Alice Cakes
Schmutzie is writing a lot of poetry this year and sharing. Here's 'Like Alice Eating Cakes' that has a lot going for it and hits me where I live.

Life is both long and short,
so I forget the measure,
walk into the past and shrink
like Alice eating cakes.
I am again a small thing,
faulting and faulty as I was,
and no more prepared
to fight or to forgive
than when I was that child,
believing as easily:
I am the bad girl.
I am a bad girl.

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Zhoen said...

Sympathy for the bruising.