Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Approaching the L

Caucusing was half jolly, half tedious but a beautiful day to be out on the school field with lots of other dems. I wonder if I'll ever do it again. I am a herd animal. But that doesn't mean I enjoy the feedlot especially. Nod completely lost his good humor by the end. At least we can say we saw the elephant donkey.

Our celebration of my husband's fiftieth year on the planet approaches. Other terms for a fiftieth that I plan to use liberally:  semicentennial, quinquagenary, golden jubilee. He's got some pretty lights strung up over the back patio and that's a lovely sign of spring even before the party starts.

I'm trying to use lists and delegation for housecleaning, shopping, party prep. Nod told me that he wanted to re-organize the basement before the party. I choked and said I could not commit to that. I need a month's target window for that sort of last resort chore. I will do a certain amount of scurrying but I'm going to try and enjoy myself at the party too.

Going to a wedding on pi day. There's a potluck reception so we needed to decide what kind of pie we will bring. I'd like to bring something substantial, like a lasagne rather than a fruit pie. I know lasagne isn't a pie but... Okay what I'm saying is that I'd like to eat lasagne at the reception. So maybe I'll just rename it.

I'm reading After the Armistice Ball by McPherson. This is Dandy Gilver #1. I read the fifth book a while back and it didn't gel for me. But this one! So charming! Our narrator is such a human mix of good intentions, appetites, snap judgments and tiny regrets. It deserves a pullquote. Maybe later.

Worky quagmire is raising its head. I'm working on being responsive and documenting what I do. I want to be clear about what I can do and what I can't.  

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