Thursday, March 17, 2016

Post Hooky

Two days off in the middle of the week was a good idea. But it left me wanting more. Only two hours, fifty minutes and one more day til the proper weekend now. That sounds okay.

We hit the lesser roller rink with a few extra 8th graders. Everyone had a good time. No injuries beyond the traditional blister. All of us were worn out and drooped after we got home. A good day out.

Wedded bliss
Monday evening's wedding was lovely. It was the nicest pagan ceremony I've been to. The pies were good and the cake was primo. We got 20 sided dice as favors. Awww. The crowd started to evaporate after a couple of hours and I felt bad that we left before the music and dance really got going. But that's a teetotal wedding on a Monday night for you. I hope the sweethearts will use our gift money to pay bills rather than feed wildlife (that was their idea of a wedding registry). First pay your bills and eat. Then wildlife.

Bun opted to get her hair cut, about six inches off the back which brings it to shoulder blade length. Looks nice, a little more spiff. Today she had a friend mom bleach and dye 2" at the ends a dark pink. I look forward to seeing her when I get home.

I've been reading about iron deficiency and supplements. I started thinking about it after reading* that ice chewing can sometimes be linked to low iron. K is our chief ice chewer and I often caution her about sparing her teeth. Our midwife friend Magnolia said she is often monitoring iron levels for pregnant people. She gave me an info sheet on iron amounts in common foods and the recommended daily target amount. I'm going to do some more reading and get K started on it. She has some other symptoms that might be low iron too. She is fiercely against getting her blood tested. Of course. I figure we could supplement for a month and see what happens.

*Read it in Because I Said So! by Ken Jennings. A great book for skimming. It made me laugh out loud multiple times.

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