Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Described myself as feeling optimistic last week. It is holding. Despite the coming Trump nomination. I didn't expect him to do this much work to get this far. I hear Scott Adams predicted he'd be the nominee last August. Pretty good future telling. So much for my pooh-poohing Euro fears about Trump last spring. My foresight is terrible. I should have known that any country that elected GWB is ripe for Trumping. I trust that Hillary has a big stick to whack him with if we don't all go Bernie. I'm going to go to my first Dem caucus on Saturday.

I had a parental questionable decision moment this weekend. Had to apologize to the chief teenager the next day. She spent last night in a motel in capitalcity for the middle school Model UN competition. Coming home with glory.

New sheets! for both kids' beds! I can achieve this goal today.

Nod lost his work phone on Sunday evening. I'm still thinking it will turn up but maybe a shrub ate it.

I rejected two novels this morning and have started a third. Martha Grimes' Richard Jury mysteries were meeting my needs but Hotel Paradise just lost me. It's set in an unspecified south in an unspecified decade but there was a beeper and then kid corrective shoes and old lady hair and clothes styles from the first third of the 20th century. So I give up. Tried The Devil's Detective and I think the writing is quite good but I don't really want to spend an entire book in hell. Am working on Wool right now. So far so good.

We have yellow crocus up and tulip and daffodil leaves showing. It is pitiably dry here. Where are my spring mists and showers?

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