Monday, March 21, 2016


On my way to the office I watched a handful of white petals blown by the wind across the blue sky. Petal-fall is my favorite. I will put up with the stink of the ornamental pear trees ("even the stupid Bradford pear trees" as Ursula says) in order to see the petals fly. No lily of the valley yet. Tulips and redbud trees are thinking about it...

Got husband to and from the butt scoping this morning. He was deeply asleep when I got to see him in recovery. The nurse and I both felt bad about waking him up but they had plans for that space. Got him home and back to sleep on the couch. Then at noon I took him out to lunch to really break his fast. I was reassured immediately by his color and peaceful sleep. After his first colonoscopy I found him pale and puny looking. It was a shock of mortality and I didn't tell him that until today. They must have gotten the anesthesia mix better in his subsequent rounds. All clear and no need to repeat for five years. Hallelujah. I'm scared of this procedure myself and hope for a less invasive testing regimen. Is that too much to hope for? Probably so.

I've joined the rest of the world in watching the eaglecam. I got lucky on Saturday morning and got a glimpse of both chicks while mama was rearranging the nest lining. Soon she settled back down over them with a ginger back-and-forth rocking motion and I haven't seen them since. Cam A looks down on top of the nest, Cam B shows us the front of the nest. Cam B also sways with the wind, bleah. Gorgeous and what stern browlines! NPR has a lovely still showing all four. Omg I just saw mama feeding them teeny shreds of (fish?). Go fuzzballs!

Red in Tooth
Zing caught and eventually killed a baby bunny on Sunday. I feel guilt that I didn't go out and finish the job quicker. Next time perhaps. Snickers helped us out by consuming the evidence later. Zing so far is uninterested in the small furry ones as food. Several years ago I think she did eat a bird. In this house I believe her predation has been entirely rodents.

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Lucy said...

Colonoscopy and related matters do seem to be horribly draining in every way. When it comes to reminders of life passing I hope his birthday was more fun!