Friday, March 11, 2016

Straight from the

Celeb oblig
I woke up 1ish worrying about birthday presents for Nod. The girls have come through with cards etc. I am going to stop at the hardware store and pick up some birthday seeds (plus look for my hollyhocks!) on the way home. Hardware stores are full of wonderful things, maybe inspiration will strike. Got my inner teenager squared away and the room tidied last night. Only one more small patch of stuff on the floor remains.

More thoughts on cooking up a fortune telling horse head. I have a roll of printing calculator tape. I am going to write my fortunes on that and perforate between each one and have it spool out of the horse's mouth. Ha! In the interest of largeness and stability I am going to make it more 2d rather than 3d. I have some carousel horse head sketches and wish I was home with my scissors and cardboard right now.

Wandering off
Can't get excited about exercise this week. I wonder if it's just looming party or spring or what. Inconveniently I started a 'challenge' online and am supposed to be getting out 4 times a week. Perhaps the act of committing to that flipped a switch in my head. 

Finished Dandy Gilver #1. I liked the end less than the rest of it but overall B+. Was briefly stymied with the two questions the reader is left with at the end. I saw the killer question right off but the other question was eluding me. I've decided now what I think the answer was but I don't think there were many clues given. Not going to re-read for that. Onward. I have a novel set in Vietnam and a book about the ravens in the Tower of London. 


Old White Audience
Just read this review of Hamilton and am chuckling over the quote: "according to The Broadway League, the trade association for the Broadway theater industry, nearly 8 in 10 people who saw Broadway shows in 2014-2015 were white and in their mid-40s. (That's more diverse and a decade younger than NPR's audience, for the record.)" No wonder Zombie Car Talk shambles on every weekend.  

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