Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Just read this at the 538 Politics site about Hillary's primary wins on Tuesday:
Her worst performance was in Oklahoma, where 71 percent of black voters in the Democratic primary chose her. 
That'd be some decisive results right there.

Makes me think that we may all be enjoying a black history year as Luvvie calls for. Welcome to Melanin March!

I am going to stand up for Bernie on Saturday. Along with some of my local, hippie, blue-spot-in-the-red-state neighbors. Then in November I'll be pleased to vote for the first woman president.


Zhoen said...

I'll vote for her, too. Secretly hoping she'll take Bernie along as VP.

Nimble said...

I think he's providing needed dialogue on crucial topics. Can't see HRC picking him for veep but we can dream...