Thursday, March 24, 2016

Watch out for #3

I love hearing about school pranks even though I am not a practical joke person as a rule. From the metafilter:  "One of my favorite pranks ever involved letting three pigs loose in a high school hallway. Funny enough, but the kids had the creativity to paint numbers on them-- 1, 2, and 4. Sure, they caught the pigs quickly, but spent loads of time hunting down pig number 3."

Our high school had a rich oral history of jokes that had been perpetrated in years gone by. The flagpole laid in the main hallway was one. And the VW bug that must have been partially disassembled and then reassembled in the foyer.

Considering my April Fools options with the children... Haven't found the right oddity yet.

Crack up
There is so much goodness in this list of favorite comedy and interview with Josh Gondelman. I don't understand all the references but I want to go back and watch all the video when I'm in the comfort of my own space. The Bernie Mac appearance backstory has me hooked.

Wifi revolution
I got the form to send back the wrong wired modem [reminder: drop off at ups office] and Nod found a wifi modem on clearance at the grocery store(?).  We're having a renaissance of gadgets: the laptop is now portable, the Kindle apps are updated, the Wii may finally be playable. We are a slow eddy by the side of the tech entertainment river.

Devotion owed
Speaking of coveted screens, I lost my phone for a night. I did several things before leaving the office yesterday that I don't usually do. When I got home I realized I didn't have my phone. I drove back to my parking place and then checked my office but couldn't find the phone. It was frustrating and I sulked heartily. Came in this morning and called my number and immediately found the phone lying on a random flat surface. Thank you to the gods of lost objects.

Best books list
If you love books, especially but not solely genre fiction, you may have use for the Fantastic Fiction site. So competently organized by author with complete no-frills book and series lists. Ooh I see there's a new PC Peter Grant book coming out this year.

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