Friday, March 4, 2016

Whoop it up

Bernie sighting downtown yesterday afternoon, reported by oldest's friend. Our 6th grader said one classmate was super excited to go see him last night. "Why would I want to go see him?! My friends are acting like he's a pop star." Yup. We went to the 8th grade choral/orchestra/band concert last night instead of Bern-ing. Orchestra must be hard because they had about 2 parts tuneful to 3 parts offkey moaning. I know all three girls who play bass -- they provided a rock solid foundation. Choir and band were great.

My thyme in the front took hold and is perking up after winter. The cilantro will probably pop up at some point. I'd really like to get the mint established. I'd rather have lots of mint taking over than the moonflowers. Prediction: I'll be pulling up a lot of moonflower sprouts. I asked Nod about gardening last night. He sighed and it sounds as though he feels guilty about it instead of inspired. No guilt, babe, the garden doesn't ask for that.

Annual finger stick for the state showed a good cholesterol number that I liked! It was almost in the good category! Intend to jog some more.

Time to clean up the house before next weekend's celebration of fifty years of my husband. We're going to try and be smart about this and plan ahead. We'll see how we do with that. There's also a big cartoon horse to build out of cardboard...

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